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Florida Atlantic University | Student Union Ticketing

Esports Arena House Rules & Code of Conduct

House Rules

1. No food or drinks. (Plain bottled water is OK, as long as it is away from the computers.)

2. No cheating.

3. No harassment or profanity of any kind will be tolerated.

4. No damaging or tampering with any equipment inside the arena.

5. External peripherals/equipment must be sanitized before use inside the Arena.

6. Personal items must be kept under your gaming table/station. Bikes/scooters must be kept in the outdoor racks.

7. To not disturb other players, keep your voice and gaming sounds at a minimum.

8. Limit your time at all gaming stations so that everyone gets a chance to play.

9. For entry, acceptable levels of hygiene must be maintained.

10. All players must adhere to the Esports Arena Code of Conduct (must be logged into email address to view).

    Purchasing Notice

    Please note upon checkout, additional convenience & 
    ticket processing fees may apply. 

    A service charge of $2 applies to all in-person and over-the-phone orders. (excluding all FAU Students)


    Seating after the start of any performance is at the discretion of the House Manager; there is no guarantee that late seating will be permitted.