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eSports Arena FAQs

eSports Arena FAQs

  • What is the Esports Arena?
    This is the FAU Student Union Esports Arena, where you can play games to your heart's content. We offer a friendly space for both casual and competitive PC gaming, console game stations, billiards, and ping pong tables (tabletop games currently restricted due to COVID).

  • What does the Esports Arena have to offer?
    We sell access to high-end equipment that is normally out of the price range of an average college student. We offer the ultimate college student gaming experience.

  • What do you have to pay for here?
    The gaming PCs are the only things that you are required to pay for use. The console area is free to use, as is the rental of the ping-pong equipment, the rental of the billiards equipment, and the tabletop gaming area (coming soon).

  • What console games do you offer?
    You bring your own consoles, console games, and controllers. We offer spacious areas with 57" TV monitors and seating for you to hang out and play. Console stations are free to use.

  • What PC games do you offer?
    We have a ggLeap library of over 30 games. Please see the PC Game List.

  • Why can't I play this PC game?
    For paid games, you must already own a copy of this game to play it on our computers. Please have your platform login information ready prior to playing.

  • Do I have to use my gaming hours all at once?
    No. Although purchased time begins counting down once you log in to ggLeap, you are free to log in and out at any time. Your remaining time will be saved and purchased hours do not expire.

  • Can I request a game to be added?
    Yes. Submit any suggestions for new games to the Desk Attendant. We add new games to the computers on a regular basis. Note that all games must be approved and installed by upper management.

  • Is the Arena open to the public?
    Currently, the Arena is exclusively open to FAU Students, Faculty, and Staff.

  • Can I host a tournament here?
    Yes. The Arena is open to hosting tournaments and other organized gaming events both big and small. Please submit a request through Owl Central to book your event, or contact Student Union Event Planning for further questions at / 561-297-3730. Depending on the size and extent of your production (audio/visual equipment, live-streaming, staff, etc.), fees may apply.

  • Is there an Esports Team/Club?
    Yes. The university currently does not have an official Esports team, however there is a Registered Student Organization called FAU Esports Gaming Club. The FAU Student Union Esports Arena is not directly affiliated with the Esports RSO.

  • What happened to the restaurant that was here?
    This used to be the home of The Burrow Bar and Grill, and it has shut down. If you are looking for alcoholic beverages, the Pop-Up food truck serves alcohol on the Breezeway, adjacent to the food court.

Purchasing Notice

Please note upon checkout, additional convenience & 
ticket processing fees may apply. 

A service charge of $2 applies to all in-person and over-the-phone orders.


Seating after the start of any performance is at the discretion of the House Manager; there is no guarantee that late seating will be permitted.